Born in the hills and bred on printer’s ink, art supplies, and Saturday morning cartoons, I found inspiration in my surroundings and the magic of moving images. Healthy doses of late night monster movies, comics, and fire pit storytelling seeded my appetite to create. Part mad scientist and part artist, I’m an illusionist, a yarn spinner, a maker, a storyteller. Where technology, art, and story collide is my happy spot. My work is informed by a design-driven ethos whether it’s filmmaking, visual effects, motion design and animation, or solving a creative problem with non-traditional methods. An engaging end result is the goal, and I apply a unique skill set to get there.

My creative career began at a young age working in my family’s design, printing, and sign shop. After a degree in fine arts and media design, I worked as a broadcast designer, news videographer, and commercial producer/editor for CBS, Fox, and a variety of freelance clientele. This led to the world of advertising and entertainment as an art director, designer, director, cinematographer, and animator producing short and long-form content for national brands, television networks, and Hollywood studios like HBO, Disney, and Paramount Pictures. I have managed large scale productions and creative teams for two decades and built video production and post teams, infrastructure, processes, and studios from the ground up. I have 360° knowledge and experience in all aspects of film and video production, post, sound design, motion design, 3D animation, and visual effects.

Dramatic/Artsy photo
Dramatic/Artsy photo
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